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All about Premium Vector for free

Vector art: What is it?

A type of visual artwork that is mathematically represented and can be resized without losing detail or fidelity is known as vector art or vector graphics. Take the Internet browser window on your computer as an illustration. Does it still resemble a browser window if it is shrunk? What happens if you make it bigger? It is scalable because the window is a form of vector graphics and may be expanded without incurring additional costs. On your computer, there are also dialogue boxes, text input fields, list drop-downs, and plain old plain text. The Graphizy website provides all free download vectors.

What may be inferred from the reuse of graphics?

The theme of reuse is significant in the western age. The maxim "Build once, utilize many" applies here. Roads are constructed with the intention of supporting vehicle traffic for a very long time. To enable us to shoot a large number of photographs, we design cameras with a lot of storage. Additionally, we build cars to last a long time and be trouble-free. why not It enables us to direct our attention to other things. Therefore, it seems obvious that this concept also applies to computer graphics. It is intended to be created once and used in numerous locations. We use vectors for free graphics as one method for doing that.

What Purposes Do We Serve Vector Art?

There are numerous uses for vector art. Among the notable ones are:

  • Windowing Controls - This category consists of the aforementioned windows, dialogue boxes, and text. The key characteristic of this application is resizing.
  • Storage - Since only a description of the mathematical components, and not the entire image, is retained, vector art is effective for storing purposes. Less information implies less storage space is needed.
  • Graphics Transmission - Faster transmission speeds result from fewer data to convey. Again, this is due to the fact that only the description—not all the data—is conveyed.
  • Distributed processing- It is a less obvious option. A remote processor, like the one in your personal computer, can be used to construct a vector for free art images. Construction is not handled on the server side because the description is sent.

What different file formats are there?

Raster formats


The most used photo file type is jpg. JPG files can be enhanced to reduce the size of the file (Kb). For some websites to load faster, photos must be well optimized. Photoshop can be used for optimization. The quality of your JPG file degrades as you optimize it more. This frequently leads to images that are blurry.


Similar to JPG files, PNG files are substantially larger in size because they cannot be optimized like JPG files. PNG files are unique in that their backgrounds can be transparent. If you wish to overlay your image over a textured or colored background, PNG files are quite helpful.


The most basic raster file type you can find is a GIF file. These days, they are particularly employed in looped animations that may be made in Photoshop. GIFs are excellent file formats for icons and very basic graphic elements, but photographs should not be stored in them.

Vector formats


The most popular format for vectors for free elements like icons is the EPS file. The benefit of using an EPS file is that it typically works with both current and previous Illustrator versions. It is a format that is quite compatible.


Ai files are those created specifically for Adobe Illustrator (software). Illustrators, printers, graphic designers, and others frequently use these files. If you are not using Illustrator, you might not require ai files since they are only functional with that program.


SVG files are web-compatible vector file types. You must use this format if you want your website's animation to maintain its high quality and sharpness, such as when your logo is enlarged. SVG files are excellent for buttons, icons, and logos.

Utilizing vector files:

So, given their versatility, vectors should always be used, right? It depends on the type of work you're performing and the response.

When you require your visuals to be presented in numerous sizes or in different colors, vectors for free are considerably more practical and useful. A single vector file with a file size small enough to email can be used to add a corporate logo to a website, a tiny business card, a letterhead, or a large outdoor sign, for example. It is possible to build intricate designs like moon vector, vector grass, vector bird, vector football, or snowflake vector.

Bitmaps are used considerably more frequently for intricate graphics and photos because achieving the degree of detail complexity with pixels is simpler. Nevertheless, vectors can be used to create stunning, stylish graphics.

How can I tell whether my artwork has been vectorized?

It doesn't necessarily follow that something inside a file is a vector just because the file format is one of the common vector extensions, such as EPS, SVG, PDF, etc. Since all of those extensions allow bitmaps, you could, for example, have an SVG file that contains a bitmap image.

The best approach to determine whether your file is a vector cat or not is to open it in your preferred application (for example, Gravit Designer makes it simple to drag and drop) and zoom in. If your piece of art is a raster image, you can quickly spot the individual pixels. Your artwork is vectorized if the edges of objects like palm trees vector, dragons vector, or blades of grass look smooth and precise no matter how closely you zoom in.

How can I turn my artwork into vector format?

If your bitmap image needs to be converted to a vector format, Gravit Designer can do it for you quickly and without charge!

As an alternative, you can redraft the bitmap using fills, borders, and tools like the Pen and Bezigon. For basic items, such as flat logos, this is a simple process.

You might be thinking, "Why can't I just save my artwork as an EPS or SVG to turn it into a vector and that's it?" Sadly, if you save rasterized artwork or photographs as vector file extensions, all you will have created is a vector file format with a bitmap image. Either manually drawing the vector or using a vectorizing tool is required. All free download vector can be done by the Graphizy website for free.