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All about premium PSD images.

PSD stands for Photoshop Document, the configuration in which files are saved on Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop automatically saves data using PSD. Once editing is completed on an image, the layers of it can be evened out and saved in other formats. Once a PSD image has been collated into one image, it cannot be changed back to PSD, and the editor can no longer work with the image's individual properties. So it is always important to save the PSD document and not overwrite it throughout the conversion.

So that was a little bit of basics on what PSD mock-ups are.

Mockups are pictorial representations or illustrations on how something might look. Many companies use such mock-up images on their websites, in product packaging, on billboards or other forms of digital and print media.

When mockups are used for products, they may contain the logo, colour scheme, and other elements of it to replicate the final look or experience of the product.

Free mockup

  • Like already mentioned, companies and or even individuals make use of PSD mock-ups on a daily basis.
  • Various things need to be illustrated in a pictorial manner in order for people to understand.
  • Graphizy has a vast library of free mock-ups that can be used for various purposes.
  • These images are royalty free and don't have watermarks.
  • Free mockups PSD are also available.

Poster mockups

  • Posters are also something that is widely used today.
  • They can be printed and used as billboards and other promotional material.
  • It well known fact that social media has become one of the most powerful mediums to circulate information these days.
  • Any campaign, advertisement or any other thing that has to be widely circulated on social media is also made in the form of posters.
  • These are some of the most common uses of posters.
  • In fact, posters have become so common that people have taken that up as their full time job as well as there are many apps that are available to make posters.
  • Graphizy has a vast library of vibrant and eye-catching posters that are readily available to be used for all the things mentioned in the points above.

Free PSD Flyers

  • Flyers are an affordable and effective way to promote a business or a shop.
  • They are usually used to promote small shops among the local crowd or people in the same areas.
  • I'm sure all of us have had flyers dropped at our doorstep or slipped into our vehicles at least once.
  • Flyers are usually small and effective and all the information needs to be conveyed in the small space available.
  • So the colours and designs used also need to be pleasing as well as enhance the advertisement or information conveyed.
  • Graphizy has a wide range of options to choose from.
  • There are many free PSD flyer designs to choose from, which will save you from all the work of creating and designing a new flyer


  • Logos are extremely important for businesses.
  • Logos serve as the mark of identification for businesses. For example, if we see a bright yellow coloured 'M', we know it's McDonald's and if we see a rabbit's face, we know it's the brand playboy.
  • Logos need to be distinctive as well as attractive to the consumers.
  • While big businesses can afford to have a separate team just for the designing of logos, small businesses do not have the kind of money to afford that.
  • For example if somebody is starting a home business, they need a logo to denote their identity. But they cannot invest in a team just to create their logo.
  • That is where websites like graphizy come in handy.
  • Graphizy has a wide range of readily available PSD logos to choose from.
  • Businesses can choose the PSD logo which is apt for their brand or service.

Sticker mock-up

  • Stickers can also be used for various purposes.
  • For example, it might be time consuming or expensive to get something printed or engraved on a product. But putting the same information on a sticker can save a lot of costs.
  • Graphizy has a lot of options even for sticker mock-ups.

Cap mockup

  • Caps have always been a widely used commodity.
  • They can be anything from fashion statements to promotional elements for an event.
  • Cap mock-ups are also readily available on Graphizy.

menu mockup

  • Menus are one of the essentials of a restaurant.
  • Many times, the design and layout of a menu card are in line with the theme of a restaurant.
  • Not just in restaurants, menus are also used for any kind of solemn or formal occasions.
  • Menu mock-ups are also widely available on Graphizy.

stationery mockups

  • Stationery is another widely used commodity.
  • LogosThey are available for sale on a lot of websites.
  • Stationery are some items which people prefer to see before they buy.
  • Graphizy offers readily available stationery mock-ups which can be used on such websites and even for other purposes of required.

Outdoor mock-ups

  • Outdoor mockups can be for items like billboards or other kinds of boards which are displayed in the open.
  • They can be huge advertisement boards displayed on the sides of roads, on buses, and other public places.
  • The images in such mock-ups need to be very clear because they will be blown up to make the posters look bigger.
  • The colours used also need to be kept in mind as the board is on display during both day and night.
  • Grapizy is again a one stop destination for all your posts needs

This is all about the different kinds of Premium PSD images available on graphizy. With graphizy, you never have to design anything here after. There is nothing that is not available in its vast library of images.