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Graphizy is a one-stop destination for all designers. We offer backgrounds for design, free vector image, and website mockups for designers. It's not only for designers but also for web developers and graphic designers who want to make their designs more attractive.

You can use the background design image to create a website mockup or magazine mockup free. The free graphic vector image is available for download at You can use it for designing websites, apps, and other graphic designs.

What does Graphizy offer ?

This site is all you need to create a perfect design for those who wish to have a background in designing their own designs.

We offer free vector images for various purposes, including apps, websites, and presentations. We also offer free backgrounds for your design, free graphic vector images, website mockup free, PSD mockup free download, magazine mockup free, and lots of other resources to help you get the most out of your designs.

Also, Graphizy has a free logo mockup for you.

Using a logo mockup is really simple. The most common format for mockup templates is a Photoshop PSD file. Simply open the PSD file in Photoshop after downloading the mockup template, drag your logo design onto the mockup template, and save your changes.

The majority of mockups even have smart object layers, which make it much simpler to quickly insert your own logo designs into the mockup template.

The background design image can be used in a number of ways.

Background images play an important role in any layout, whether it's for the web or print. With the help of background textures, vector images, colour, and depth, you can instantly transform any design.

Designers are wiser; the ideal background design image will handle the majority of the labour for you. A seamless 3D background may give flexible websites depth and appeal, and even a papery or canvas texture can give designs a rich tactile quality, elevating the aspirational quality of print and web layouts.

It's important to pick the ideal backdrop image. Seek out seamless styles with adaptable scaling, colour schemes, and textural effects that complement other design aspects like fonts and logos. Backgrounds with visual or photographic elements will also strengthen the message or topic of your design.

The top background images have the following characteristics:

-> Look for pictures that are pertinent to the topic matter and business you are designing for.

-> Include any parts of the brand that already exist, such as the colour scheme or graphic design.

-> Give text and other elements, such as buttons, illustrations, and logos, enough room.

-> Frame significant items on your layout to highlight calls to action or vital messaging.

-> Enhance the appearance of your current layout, not detract from it. A minor textured background, for instance, can instantly and subtly improve your entire design if you're concerned about going for anything dramatic or patterned.

Types of Background Images:

1. 3D backgrounds

2. Texture backgrounds

3. Graphic Vector backgrounds

4. Color backgrounds

5. Surface backgrounds

6. Website backgrounds

7. Theme backgrounds

8. Social media background

9. Presentation backgrounds

10. Patterned backgrounds

You can just download the desired background images at and use them on your website design.

Use of Free Mockups :

A mockup is a graphic representation of the finished digital product or website that includes the layout, hierarchy, colour scheme, typography, iconography, and other user interface (UI) components. Mockups are high-fidelity designs. However, they lack functionality and are static, similar to a screenshot.

Additionally, mockups offer:

-> Meaningful stakeholder feedback: because mockups are more accurate representations of the final product than low-fidelity wireframes and sketches, they require less context.

-> Realistic viewpoint: Mockups make accessibility difficulties, poor colour selections, and layout issues that would not have been seen during low-fidelity wireframing apparent.

-> Flexibility: Using a design tool, changing a UI mockup is simpler than changing the source code. Making adjustments is as simple as switching out components or rearranging the layout if designers use a design system or UI component library.

Here's how you can use our mockups:

-> You can download free mockups for your website design.

-> You can use mockups in your designs by simply downloading them, then importing them into Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or another design software program.

-> You can use mockups in magazines and newspapers by using the "placeholder" version of the image as a placeholder—the background will show through when you print the mockup!

-> With the use of mockups, stakeholders may see how the final product will look and offer suggestions for alterations to the layout, color scheme, graphics, styles, and other aspects.

-> Using free mockups can help you make a second version of the mockup and will allow you to see how the page will appear if you're curious about how a page will appear utilising a secondary color. Similarly, your mockup can help the team visualise how a prospective update might appear, such as adding a header and centering an image.

-> The best way to present different logo designs is through logo mockups, which you can utilise to your advantage. Given that the template is completely editable, placing your brand utilising smart object layers and even changing the background design is simple.

Why Should You Use Mockups ?

You can use mockups to create a website that looks exactly the way you want it to look but without the time and cost of creating all of the elements from scratch.

Mockups are a great way to test out a design before you commit to building it out in HTML, CSS, and other web development languages. They give you a sense of how your site will look on different devices and browsers, as well as what images might be best for it. You can also use mockups for print media projects like magazines, brochures, or flyers.

Are you prepared to begin producing gorgeous designs or mockups? Start from scratch and use one of the mockups or background photos. You can download PSD mockups, free logo mockups, and website mockups free at Graphizy. Join for free at to try out the most cutting-edge design tool available.